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Loft House farm


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Started new layout in the loft of my new house which was already boarded. Layout of farm is loosely based on a real farm and its done to mimick surrounding farms, small family set up(280 acres) mainly wheat and barley, few b&b pigs, and as the area is very horsey i'm having some stables for liverys. Picture shows beginings of the grain shed and the covered yard which will be surrounded by stone sheds


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Yes good sized area to grow layout, and thanks! decided to go for smaller farm set up so as i can run collection of older machines and good scope for small converted scratch built equipment instead off of the shelf acre eatters..

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Not done much for a while, got some time today though. We've started keeping sheep got a few in the yard ready to lamb and some already lambed and awaiting moving to grass



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Carnt decide on weather to use small rectangular bales or round.....

..........desision made, using small bales, easier to handle in small lambing pens and can be sold to local horse folk.. ^-^ best get flat 8 sledge built now ;D ;D

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