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Questions on a couple of Deeres


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Folks, I just wanted to ask a couple of questions about a couple of the older big JD's.  Firstly the 7520 (42587), what sort of hitch does this have?  And the 8440, is this as detailed as the Plow Show model that came out a few years ago?

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Hi Joe, here's photographs of examples from my own collection which I hope will be of interest and help.

Rear view from the Britains 7520 which comes fitted with a basic towing pin, without lift arms.


Whilst here's the standard Britains 8440 in comparison with the nearest Plow City tractor I have for comparison, the 8640. Other than the obvious differences in wheel equipment there's very little else between them. The 8640 has a more accurate drawbar fitted whilst the 8440 comes with the towing pin. Must say I enjoyed having the Sound Gard cabbed artics out of the cabinet they live, definitely favourites of mine. I also have the 8760 which is a really nice model and cannot wait for the forthcoming 8850 later in the year, it's a model i've been hankering after for a good while now. :)






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Thanks ever so much for posting the pictures, they are both nice looking tractors, and I think I'll try and get them.  Really like the 7520, and wished I had been able to get the Toy Farmer version from years back.

You're very welcome Joe, glad to have been of some assistance, I do love the older classic John Deere artic models produced. Whilst I have a few of the other Toy Farmer makes covered in that series, I too am missing that model and many of the other Plow City tractors. I'll probably keep an eye for them at any toy fairs I attend in the future, can't wait for the 8850 particularly as a few of the real machines were sold in this country. :)

I do have the standard Britains release of the 7020 on super singles but it's not quite as nice these three.

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Arguabley one of the best reference points on the forum for these John Deere articulated models is Brian's comprehensive collection ( A.K.A Mr Softie ) a topic I continue to look through for anything green and yellow related:


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