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Truck for my dealership layout

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Well as the topic name say´s

Here a Scania R620 V8 from siku that i took apart and resprayed.

I didnt like the black on the original version so i added some other colour (what could it be ;D )

The truck isnt finished because i think i want to add airhorns and a light bar and side scirts.

Also i needs the name of the dealership written on it and some more nice decals! (ofcourse MF)

I want to call this truck the: MF Express!

Maybe some nice crhome standing exhausts!

Here the result so far:





And whit the side scirts i am making.



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Still not good Joe,but i bit true the sour aple and did the most of the work siting on my couch!

Exept the spray painting of course did it out side.

Can stand for about 20 minits and then i have to rest a couple off hours!

Glad you like her ;)

Mabye in the Future there wil be one on indeed ;):P

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looks good Johny , 8) 8) nice paint finish and you have done a great job painting the truck chassis red ;) ;).

what colour are you going to paint the low loader red or white ?

can i just say one thing i am not to keen on the red door handles and red side vent but that is just my opinion  :) :)

cheers peter

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Thanks for the reply Convo

I think about the door handle is personal taste and the airvent ;)

I must confess i like a bit of show truck as well! so that´s one of the reasons.

And because it is for my dealership layout and the dealership is named after me the bos of the dealerships like a bit of showtruck also :P :P ;D ;D

Owh forgot: i want to paint the lowloader red and white

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