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seans collection

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thought i would start my own topic like others have recently, i only really tend to buy brouchures for reference in builds most of the time. so what you see here could very well become part of my collection anytime the way i work ,some you have seen already,







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some more

little vicon buffalo spreader, used to have one of these on ash tree as its stand alone spreader ,have many great memorys spreading with my grandad on the foot plate of the 165, especially whe a blackbird spy plane went right over us at 250 ft on its way back to mildenhall



another farm machine, the other farm grove farm, used to have one of these before we bought thew kidd fymaxs in, big machine, but was for ever giving agro with the chains and rails constantly breaking



a future build with luck



last one


loads more to scan yet, beet kit and planters, along with a few of the ones i have built already, however theres 2 or 3 i wont post yet from my combines lot as one of them will be the next build, and although a known name, its something different again ,so thats staying secret till i have decided on what one it will be

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Nice variety there Sean. The one that really took my eye was the Ransome's trailer one since I was not aware they made trailers. Mind you I don't suppose many would have reached Aberdeenshire given there was both Marshall Trailers and Frasers of Rothienorman making trailers locally.

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there you go, hadnt thought of that, will be making 1 or 2 single axle ones for the layout sometime, need one to recreat a lely combine picture i have seen ,and infact another one from my secret list to ,both with ford tractors on front

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