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White metal / Resin casting



Does anyone have experience with white metal or resin casting?

I have a few models with parts missing and I'm thinking about having a go at making some parts using one of the above processes, only trouble is I don't have the first idea about it!

The parts I want to try making are parts I haven't seen available anywhere else so if anyone can help and I'm successfull, I'll quite happily make these parts available to all members of the Forum.

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I was looking to get into this just the other day, did a bit of research, resin seems a lot easier to do if you're a beginner and the materials are more easily availible, you can even get away without using moulds for somethings. I have been put off though, having made a few moulds in the past for aluminium, I found it to be a lot of work, it takes a while espically with very small parts to get the runners and risers right.

I haven't used  latex moulding techniques,but  if you have the part you want replicate and it is fairly simple they seem a very quick way of casting. With white metal, I think there are cetain types, some for bog standard casting (which must contain lead) and some for centrifugal (which don't have to), be prepared to put up with a few fumes!

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Guest nigel

i to am looking into resin moulds but although i have an idia about some casing im in the dark trying to get my head around cab moulds

how can you get a good mould of a cab it must be hard?

the cabs i want to replicate(for my own pleasure obiously) are square-secura cab used on john deere 3050 -ertl i could then do a ih 684 to a ford 7610 AP cab to a 1212 david brown

what do you think? please email me if you have any tips at pythontounge@aol.com

curantly tring to make a DB 1290 let you know how i get on

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I am experienced in both whitemetal and resin casting and if anyone wants specific advice I'd be happy to help.  Please email me on NigelLawton009@fsmail.net.  I am a supplier of hobby scale resin casting materials and can advise on where to obtain hobby scale whitemetal casting materials.


Nigel Lawton

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Hi nigel and welcome to the forum

got loads of questions to ask as i have just aquired some sinthetic rubber

and red resin (or is that the other way around)

im tired going to bed now bo##o#s to it

anyways i hope you are on around 4-5 oclock

i hope you enjoy your stay at the looney bin  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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