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MF 1250


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Sorry if this has been previously covered, (actually thought it had, but cant find post anywhere...)

But to all our MF experts - is the 1250 an accurate representation or just a re-decaled 1200 (not being an MF expert, any info much appreciated)



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That's not an easy question to answer really... except for... YES... there were many changes and alterations from the MF1250 to the MF1200... I'm in the process of writing them all up for an article I am currently 'penning' which should be published sometime this year in either T&M or Classic Massey.. I hope

In short though... engine modified, steering modified, cab interior modified, axles/backend modified heavily. cosmetically... different grill badge, decals, mirrors... I could go on for hours really... and I will do when I get it all finished. I 'borrowed' a document that details ALL the changes from a 1200 to a 1250 from the Managers desk at my local dealers back in 1979.. thankfully I still have it  :)




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Thank you for the comprehensive reply Lord F  ;)

Not having seen the U-H 1250 in the flesh, have the visual differences been captured on the model - i.e grill, mirrors, modified interior, and back end, or have U-H just re decaled the 1200?

I would like a 1250 to go with my 1200, but only if its an accurate representation.....if that makes sense  ???

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