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hello to you all, new to thisstarted collecting about 6 months ago.i'mforty years old my collection consists of fords,masseys and international but i like john deere 50 series as i used to drive them a lot,but i driven them all over the years.

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You have plenty of time to amass a collection, Shane. I started collecting farm toys much later and now I cannot move for them! Welcome to the mad world of FTF

Chris has it almost right - your bank balance is now subject to depredation. I disagree with the woman bit :of

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hello shane. i was 40 when i started collecting 6 months ago and now have over 100 models. watch out, this hobby has a habbit of getting hold of your wallett with a tighter grip than any woman could possibly manage. look forward to seeing some pics of your collection. ;)

hi chris yes you are right it has got hold of my wallett went to warwick last week to the model tractor show spent loads.
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welcome aboard. It is an addicting habit, this collecting thing.. There is soo much out there, it is hard to choose, but sadly most of us must as the wallet/wife doesnt allow that much spending ;)

please show us pictures of your collection, it sounds great! (especially the FORD part :-* )

the JD 50's series have not been mass produced as of yet, but there are some talented scratchbuilders that have made them in 1:32, you might stumble upon a couple of those examples on here..

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