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Quadbike Work


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hi guys.

i have for a while now owned a road legal quadbike but only really use it on/off road.

i was asked the other day by a freind if i use it for work i.e. fencing, slug pelleting ect...

i was just wondering how much possible work there would be for a man and his quadbike.

i am planning on taking my PA4s which would enable me to do slug pelleting. but i was wondering weather it would be worth investing in other attachments for the quad.

e.g. weed wipers, mini fert spinners, sprayers ect...

does anybody on here get anybody in on a quad to do work for them, if so what??


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i was thinking of approaching the council, i.e salt spreading through the winter i feel would really benefit them. but yes, mowing ect... i could always adapt trailers and attachments by making them more road legal. raising axels for more clearance, adding lights ect...

suckleys bought some equipment for their business and adapted it for road use, im sure theyd be happy to help

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I spread fertiliser on a friends asparagus (the quad is the perfect width for the rows), also I weed spray it and game cover on our shoot. we have chain harrows and a roller to roll/harrow seed in. (we use a stocks fan jet spreader and a north star sprayer which has a 12 ft boom) we find use for ours all year round and i would say there great. :)

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I know a lad and he makes his living going all over the country fencing for me, he has a transit van one with a sort of flat body at the back and he puts the quad in side ways so he could fit three in if he needed :D If you were on about getting one you would need something more than the machine you have now, a 250cc Honda of so ;)

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