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Fendt 724 upgraded

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As you will have seen from my previous work I try to take a decent model tractor and then make it more realistic if I can.

The Schuco model is basically good but comes up short on a few points and these ive dealt with.

So heres whats been changed.

1. Rear track width (originally to wide) now realistically reduced.

2. Floorpan raised 2mm as no tractor has its tyres hard against its mudguards in reality. This operation was dead easy, loosen the chassis screw and slip in the packer then re tighten. It instantly looks right.

3. the front turning circle was obstructed by a stupid pin arrangement on the front wheelaxle, so a hacksaw soon corrected that problem and now steering is superb and stable in a straightline.

4. Ive added a toplink pin as inexplicably Schuco didnt bother with one ??? again an easy addition although I had to relocate side pins on front weight (taken from an 818)

5. My biggest criticism of the model was too much light grey paint so after photographing an 724 in my dealers yard I identified that darker matt grey paint was needed on the fuel tank, auxillary tank and most notably on the radiator hood which now matches my two Wiking Fendts 828,936.

6. Last detail was the daft light grey strip around the exhaust stack, this got some black gloss.

The rear hitch pin isnt big enough but im confident I can modify it before the silage season starts ^-^post-743-0-09978000-1330779373_thumb.jpgpost-743-0-33975400-1330779488_thumb.jpgpost-743-0-23495900-1330779520_thumb.jpgpost-743-0-50568600-1330779565_thumb.jpg

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That looks spot on, and thanks for the tips on the correct colour scheme. I have only seen one once at a dealer demo day, and I always thought there was too much light grey paint on this model, but I was not exactly sure how wrong it was.

I have also got a set of PMA link arms meant for the Ertl Precision JD8530 which I have cut down ready to replace the stock items (I have done this to my Weise Fendt models as well), and I have also bought an adjustable top link for the rear so implements will fit better. Not sure what to do about that tiny hitch yet....

I will have to get hold of some of the darker Fendt grey paint then. Well Done again!

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post-743-0-70684600-1330866193_thumb.jpgpost-743-0-29335100-1330866277_thumb.jpgThanks for that Dale,

I have a couple more pics above to compare the Schuco and Wiking bonnets after the addition of Revell number 9 charcoal paint.

Also look at the wheel lock after the stupid pin on the steering axle got the chop ;D

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nice looking 724. I defenitly agree about the grey. This is what annoys me most about inacurate models. We complain a lot about details that the toymakers get wrong but really the paint scheme should be the easiest to get right and it does not cost more,,,

even the Wiking tractors are wrong the chasis has the wrong grey. Its way to light.

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Good thread Bluegreen,

My "to do" list on my newly acquired 724

1. Alter rear track width - TO DO

2. Raise floorpan 2mm - TO DO

3. Alter the front turning circle - TO DO

4. Add a toplink pin - TO DO

5. Change light grey paint - TO DO

6. Paint light grey strip around the exhaust stack - TO DO


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Although im happy with the work I carried out on the 724 I just detest that stupid front windscreen design >:( so ive decided im going to put a second MF7624 :-* on the fleet and sell the Fendt , so you might see it on ebay soon.

I might point out that these Fendts are priced around £50 by the dealers, so given the amount of man hours I put in on this convo = ::) ££££££££££££££££££££s

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