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BC's SpecCast 1/16 Scale Farmalls


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Today I decided to try out my new camera out so I thought I would photograph my small collection of Farmall Cubs. Only three so far but hopefully a forth one by this time next week.

ZDJ 1607

IH Highly detailed Farmall Cub Tractor with #22 side mount mower






And now two of my real ones


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I have had my real Farmall A since 1986 Christian and restoration was completed in 1987. I wasn't in to colelcting models back then and although I had seen the model in advertised in the magazines I did not buy one. I suppose I should really think about sourcing one but I assume they have stopped producing them by now :huh:

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Neat collection, good luck with the camera. I recently bought one and I almost sent it right back because I could not get it to take a clear picture for the life of me. After about three days I finally figured out what settings work best but it was frustrating for a while and I am usually good with technical stuff like that.

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Well I haven't dropped it yet John ;D ;D ...oh yes 5 of the real deals those three plus the Nuffield and the MG2. It is almost 25 years since I moved here but I have never managed to have the whole fleet out at one time for a photo shoot...some day maybe when I have more free time.

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Thanks to mr softie for delivering this one to me from Spalding via Graham and Michelle via Andy Ebbage 8)

ZDJ 1675

2011 Official Farm Toy Show Tractor McCormick Farmall Cub with # 144 one row cultivator





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