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Hello all


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Morning everyone, joined recently after looking for sometime. Been collecting for years but not bigtime, all 1/32 scale & a passion for combines. some excellent stuff on here & is a credit to everyone involved, about to take the plunge and have a go at few conversions, much to the dearly beloved's dismay !!!

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hello again mick, great talking to you yesterday on another topic. my other half made a few comments when i started collecting and i duly pointed out that there is currently about 150 pairs of assorted shoes in this house with a handbag to match a fair few of them!! and i continued to add that i drive about in a daihatsu fourtrac worth about £1500 and she gets the saab 93. had no more comments since then!! [if looks could kill i would have fallen dead on the spot]. welcome mick. ???

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Welcome aboard Mick, good to see you have made yourself known. I take it combines feature heavily due to the big arable farms in Essex? I read in the combine driving topic you have driven quite a few over the years so are you working on a family farm or otherwise, a contractor maybe? Look forward to seeing your combine collection... Do you have a holy grail? Mine would be a Gleaner R62 as that was my combine for the 2003 harvest trail in America. Would also like to see some NH TX series produced too from someone though as the 32 was my drive for four or five seasons and a 34 for anther two. Most manufacturers only seem to make the flagships from the ranges. :-

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