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What's Patrick being trained for?

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Marky keeps saying he goes out on saturday to train Patrick.....I've been trying to figure out what kind of training..can anyone help? I thought of three reason:

Fetch any parts that fall of Penny

guide Marky so his rows are straight

Bite anyone who dares complain about the noise while Marky is out joyriding in Mavis

Anyone else have a clue????;) hmmmm

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"USA chant", what's with that??? starting to sound like Sean... :laugh: stop being so random....that's my job :of

now back to major topic...I think wil is onto something...hmmm if Patrick leads Marky down the field, like when he plows, he could very well justify it, if the farmer complains have you ever heard ,"crooked as a dogs leg" ;D

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