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Aberdeenshire, Menie and Golf course?

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Can someone please enlighten me as to what the story is? I have been sent a video with the said Mr Trump singing a version of Bohemian Rhapsody and I gather that a compulsory purchase order was made in order for a golf course to be built but that is all I know.

There is little on the internet and I am puzzled as to why a video has been released now by an action group against the golf course which appears to be already functioning.

I will post the video link if requested

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Wrong end of the stick I think Bill,Menie Estate is where I think Mr Trump want's his golf course http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-17437715, he should have looked around here in Kinross-Shire,we have a lovely old Hospital site over looking Loch Leven ( Leevin) , but it's now going under new houses :-



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I now know what has happened Sue. I could not see it via the works internet connection and I sent a PM to Joe aka catkom3 asking if he could see it and he could. I have now opened the post at home and it is there...obviously it has denied access via work which isn't a bad thing I must say.

I have now listened and watched at home Sue and well burst into laughter when Donald Trump got struck on the head with a golf ball and the tone of his voice became high pitched...absolutely brilliant 8)

I have not actually been following the Donald Trump golf course saga since well the last time I played golf was when I was a teen and well it did not really float my boat. Having said that I do enjoy watching golf on the TV when I have the time. Donald is totally against the wind farm and well personally so am I'm if it's on the land and is a "blight on the landscape" but I have no issues if it is one in the sea.

Having said that I'm sure it will help a lot in Aberdeen in terms of jobs and prosperity in the area which I am all for since although Aberdeen is the oil capital of Europe what else does it have these days...gone are the "Granite City Quarry's" and Hall Russell the ship builders and as for the fishing fleet of trawlers they had decreased substantially as well as oil supply boats took over Aberdeen harbour .......rant over and all I really like the area I was born and breed in and have worked in for nearly the past 30 odd years...this is a song that I really like to hear sung especially on a Hogmany and New year's day or in fact any day of the year...I think I may need to get this song word perfect for the Saturday evening before the Aberdeen model show in May ;D ;D

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I thought you were also having a blonde moment, Bill! Security settings are something else. I am still none the wiser about the golf course which is what the pressure group is against . As I understand it there was a compulsory purchase order made to buy the land and it appears that Mr T used his political contacts to get it passed.

Rick, are you sure you don't want him back?

PS. Bill I love that video of yours.

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