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Farming 2012 update 11/10 Potato Harvest and more


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Was already wondering when you would wake up Erik! Nice pictures, finally busy in the Flevo as well I see.

Yep wide awake but so little time :- lots of sugerbeets and onions seeded here in the past day's, potatoes is slowly starting as well depending on soil conditions ;)

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Everybody complaining about the soil conditions should take a spade and dig in their field. It's dry as anything! If they wait any longer it won't be helping. Soil is already very though and hard to work down. Irrigators running here already on wheat, sugar beet and onions.

Everyone always keeps going on about waiting until the soil is right but those who drill or plant early always get the best result! I know that much.

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That is a big shame really. I've been asked this question a lot (whenever I am in the Flevo). Are you a police officer :police: ? People keep asking me but I honestly don't know. They'd prefer you walking over to them so they can have a chat :laugh:

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