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I am making a layout and I need something to look like long grass appropriately 1 to 2cm high. any suggestion would be gratefully received.

The field(the bit in green).



What models are you thinking of putting in this part of your display?

If machinery of some kind, say tractor + silage cutter etc, then go with Mandy's matting.

If intended to put animals there, perhaps best to forget 'realism', and stick to green paint, as plastic cows etc will probably keep falling over on matting.

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I was looking at the mats on your website and I have decided that the long grass is too long but the short grass is too short (I am a bit fussy ;D ) so I have been thinking about putting a comb through some weird insulation that is in the back of my dads old van.

probable wont work but is worth a try.

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Hi Robert

You can use a puff-a-bottle sold in most model railway shops that is the cheapest or try ebay look for a static grass applicator then go on YouTube their's plenty of vids on How to use a static applicator. My advise is practice first. There's a mass of static grass colours to choose from. Enjoy


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