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Australian Tractors


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I thought I might show you some Australian Built Tractors.

First up a Chamberlain 9G.


Next Up an Upton 2WD, 210kw Scania V8, 12 ton tractor, the fuel tank alone weighs 1 and a half ton empty!


Thirdly, A Horwood Bagshaw AcreMaster


Next, 600hp Baldwin


And Finally, for the pulling fans out there, T&I TERMINATOR, now know as DEERE EXPRESS\


Because Australian machines aren't really known about other than in Aus, it is hard to find pictures of them on the net.

Thanks for looking, I hope to post some more in the future.

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Awesome photo's David...I vote to keep them coming :ha ha!: in the first photo's I spy some Farmall's in the top left of the photo...any more photos of them I have three in my small vintage collection.

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Good Video Spud.

Found some more.

Kelly and Lewis, copy of the Lanz Bullldog.


Farmer built, two Chamberlains, Super 70's or 90s stuck together and a old truck driving seat.


Geelong built AW-7


Big Lizze


Big Lizzie was built in the early 1900s intended to replace camels in the desert but got as far as Mildura on its delivery trip. It proved to be excellent at clearing mallee scrub during the 1920s when the region was being settled.

That's All For Now. Check out my implement post also


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hey dave found two more


To the right are several Australian FW-25 and 35 models. These FW's are more of what one might have expected a Ford 4wd to look like had Ford built their articulated tractors in house. These tractors have a similar look to the row crop Ford TW series. In 1986 the Waltanna Company of Victoria, Australia began producing FW's for the Australian market. Ford made an agreement with James Nagorcka and his company (Waltanna of Victoria, Australia) to build a 4wd for the Australian market. The FW Waltanna series included the FW-25 was a 163 hp and based from the TW-25. The 195 hp FW-35 shares a Ford engine and components with the TW-35. The FW-35 had 16 forward and 4 reverse constant mesh transmission with dual powershift. The line was expanded to include 5 models from 280-400HP, the FW280, FW310, FW335, FW375, and the FW400. The FW280 was powered by a Caterpillar 3306 engine. The rest were powered by Caterpillar 3406B engines. These tractors were only produced from 1986-1987 or 1988. In 1987 Ford/New Holland started a joint venture with Versatile in Canada and the FORD Versatile tractors were shipped to Australia





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Chamberlain's are the tractors that revolutionized broad acre farming in Australia

Produced In Western Australia After world war 2 become one of the most popular tractors in there time

they where so popular that John Deere bought them out in the 1980's

super 70


super 90


video super 70


video Super 90



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one last Chamberlain

based on a Super 70 this one has a 6-71 Detroit in it instead of a 3-71

the 6-71 puts out about 150hp or more compared to 85hp of the 3-71

they only produce in the factory 4 of these modified super 70's they never made it into production because of there large turning circle and over stressed rear axle

this is a pic of 1 of the 4 factory produced modified super 70's, i have seen this tractor its awesome, has modified air cleaner and exhausts





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Some fascinating tractors appearing in this thread, fantastic to see. Thought i'd post this small selection of scanned images from my own photographic collection of Australian tractors imported by collectors into the United Kingdom.

Firstly a McDonald Imperial "Super Diesel." Note the rather large spark arrester.



Followed by a pair of Chamberlain tractors.



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  • 3 weeks later...

I'm sorry if you are getting sick of my posts already, but there are only a few left and i tink that some of these tractors and machines that are different to mainstream American and European tractors a very interesting.

This will be the last of my picture posts in this topic. Others of our operation may follow some other time.

Howard DH22, with Rotovator


1959 Chamberlian prototype, was going to compete with the Fergies


Sunshine Model A


Ronaldson Tippet


Imperial Oil Tractor


Ford 8401


Ol'Rusty, i know the engine is not Australian as it is a 1000HP Ruston Hornsby, but the rest is Australian engineered. Looks pretty cool.


Trevilyan Tractor, built by the same bloke that owns the Multifarming Systems company (Refer implement post).


Phillips Pheonix


Thanks For Looking, Check Out My Last Posts In The Other Sections

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