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Siku Lamborghini(?)


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Although it hasn't reached me yet to confirm,I've picked what appears to be a Lamborghini tractor in silver(an R8 265 apparently) so I eagerly await to ind out what it's like.......

I'm assuming it won't be necessarily fully compatible with Britains impliments?

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Here you go Andrew, a sneak preview of my example that's been in hibernation for rather a long time now. Standard Siku fayre to be honest. A functional and very well put together toy that has the a-frame front linkage and ( I think ) was produced prior to them fitting the roof mounted steering knob on many of their models. The same base model can also be found badged up as the Deutz - Fahr Agrotron 210 and Same Diamond 265. There's also the higher detailed Farmer+ Agrotron 235 and several other limited edition Deutz - Fahr variations that use the same base model. The Siku rear linkage should be compatible with the large majority of Britains mounted implements.




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Thanks for the helpful response Walter.I didn't expect it to be compatible,so there's a bonus.

I guess the allure/prestige of the name drew me to think "Stuff it,I like a Lambo tractor" & whilst as you say it resembles a Deutz Fahr et al,it's unusual silver colour makes it stand out.

I actually have never owned a Siku before,so this may start a flood & I will give you a verdict in due time.

Thanks for the handy pictures & it would seem a got a nice little item for a tenner.

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Be careful! I have been a staunch Britains collector for years, but having bought a Siku Massey TE20 and liking it, I now own around 50 Siku items in all sorts of scales! Generally, the finish is great, especially in the Farmer+ range. I still love my Britains toys, but Siku does some very nice models, so another shelf has been added to my display. (I still can't bring myself to display Britains and other models on the same shelf! OCD? What's THAT!).

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