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1/!6th UH Power Major with Loader

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We've been busy down in the workshop in the Valley, this time mothering an old loader on to a trusty major for those lifting and shifting jobs around the yard,

Loader scratch built from plastic card and tube for the rams, with 14s electrical wire for the hydraulic hoses. the major gained a set af tin front wheels to be a bit easier to change when we get a "flat" and a set of rear wheel weights to give a bit of extra counter weight and grip in the woods :)

Finally a bit a weathering to finish it of and blend in with the other 2 majors in the fleet ;)

some pics


Hope you guys like it ::)

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Thanks for the supportive comments Barry, Oliver, Wil Sean and Erik :) cheers! watch this space for my next project........

I didn't measure a real loader, just sort of made it up as i went along and think i could probably improve on it if i made another but i've got other ideas floating about on the to do list before i do that.

Although i do have to agree that there a lot of things UH could do, a 1/16th scale loader would be one of them as there seems to be no shortage in 1/32nd :)

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Unfortunatley Tris i not got my own full size tractor, it is on the list of things to buy, but for as long as i can remember there's always been a major or a nuffield floating around, plus an odd John deere 3130 and roadless 75, 1174 county, 10/60 bray, unimogs, a pair valmets a universal dt, and a Aec Matador timber tractor, and numerous landys, all used in my uncles and mums,joint timber extraction/ coppicing and charcoal and firewood buisness.

One of the Valmets was outside the show at longridge, dressed up in it working gear of crane and winch.

Heres a couple of pics of some of the beasts of the wood, I'll post up some more when i load the pics onto laptop :)post-3371-0-34869100-1337710503_thumb.jppost-3371-0-83683000-1337710590_thumb.jppost-3371-0-40185300-1337710629_thumb.jppost-3371-0-72015200-1337710685_thumb.jppost-3371-0-02743400-1337710739_thumb.jp

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Or is it Big boys and Small toys now Tris? :laugh: :laugh: There's plenty of childhood memories, just sometimes wish they'ed have kept hold of a tractor or 2 rather than movng them on to buy something else, ::) since Longridge the claas coluored Valmet has found a new home down somerset and its timber trailer went to a buyer from York.

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Aah well Tris ours went to somewhere around Bruton, so there could now be another around that area ::) It had spent all its life in forestry locally before it appeared in the Valley , the reverse drive handy for forwarding logs out of the woods with a Botex crane trailer but not sure what role it will play for its new owners.

Britains did a limited edition of there valmet in claas green..... I'll have to keep my eyes open and see if i can find a mint boxed version for the collection ;)

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