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UH Massey Ferguson 6480 project

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Hi all,

First of all a bit of background ::) I recently popped down to my local Agco dealer to see whats new and as usual the yard was choc full of new Fendts, Challengers and MFs. Most noteable was the 14 MF 6480s all lined up side by side and part of an 18 tractor hire fleet heading out to a huge veggie outfit around Ely here in the Cambridgeshire fens.

I have thought for the past two years since MF "brightened" the red colour scheme and sprayed the chassis grey that their tractors really look better than ever and even more so now with the awesome new 7600s :-*

Like quite a few members on here I have been a little dissapointed with the MF current model offerings from UH and Britains of late as although all are quite good they arent as good as they could be. So I decided it was time to have a crack at making a really good MF6480 out of what was already available from the UH products on offer :)

As ive had a 7499 for a while now I decided I could use it for the project along with a freshly bought 6480 on duals as pictured below.

The problem with the 7499 was its rear mudguards werent the flared ones and the problem with the 6475/6480 models were their rear mudguards werent wide enough because they were both US spec! So the plan is to take the cab and mudguards off the 7499 and transplant them onto the 6480.

Anyone whos looked at 6480s in realsize will know that 50% of them have the non flared mudguards just like the 7499 toy. The flared mudguards appear virtually standard on the bigger 6485 - 6499 & 7400 versions.

The pics below also show the removed 7499 platform to compare with the the 6480 less its duals.




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First job was too remove wheels, cab and mudguard platform and to achieve this the bonnet has to come off as well. The best way to remov it is hit it with a punch and hammer halfway along the underside of the bonnet. This way you wont damage it badly like I did to the 7499 by trying to lift the bonnet off above the front linkage >:(

As the pic shows there are two mounting points for the bonnet so halfway between is the logical removal point.

Once the platforms are both off you soon notice that neither cab or platform are identical :- not even close >:( which wasnt unexpected with UH ::)

So out came my mini angle grinder for the first of many visits!




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Now before fitting the platform I decided to upgrade the rear wheels and tyres and choose the Claas 640 Arion as my donor model because the wheels arent a million miles from real MF ones and tyres are nice and chunky.

This immediately threw up a problem as the wheel archs werent high enough, so out came the packers box to lift up the floorpan, and then a session with the angle grinder and hacksaw to allow the floor to rise above the base of the steering wheel control column and tight under the pedals.

I next tested the Claas wheels & tyres to make sure I had a 2mm gap allround under the wheel arch and then out with the angle grinder again to cut 6mm of each side of rear axle housing and about 8mm of the wheels metal track rod.

The rear wheels now fitted nicely but are jammed due to existing cab mount brkts so they needed careful removal with a drill bit.

The first coat of light grey paint has also been added to rears.




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At this point its worth mentioning that this isnt a cheap job as the 6480 and 7499 cost £35 each and the Claas donor tractor about the same plus my labour of love working on her.

Also I forgot to mention the cab which I had to alter below the front window wiper quite a lot because its totally different to the one its replaced. I prefered the 7499 cab by the way because the 6480 one has too wide door pillars because of opening door.

Im sure others of you who may be inspired by this project may try to put the 6480/75 cab on the 7499 platform which I guess is doable with care and patience.

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At close of play tonight I have put the front wheels on as well as back and given both sets three coats of satin grey humbrol paint over the weekend plus a coat of clear varnish.

You may also notice ive swapped the front tyres over to a set off of a NH T6090 which are 2mm wider than the original MFs but no taller, these just about stay on the rims.

Hopefully I will piece the rest together this week time permitting but so far im very pleased with how its shaping up.


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A few final tweaks tonight with the right side steps glued into place and the cab as well.

In my view the realsize MF6480 tier3 version is and will be regarded as a modern classic and its also a great looking tractor, so im really pleased this expensive convo has turned out well :) Hope you like it .

Hopefully I will be able to take some better outdoor pictures of it in a suitable backdrop over the weekend.




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As a Massey man that looks spot on well done really like that that's how they all should look like

I have to agree Bob as basically all ive done is marry the parts that were correct from 2 MF UH tractors (6480 US, 7499) plus wheels & tyres from others to make a 6480 that UH should have made in the first place!

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i did this with mine but the 5480 as i had one lying about minus the wheels, the cab isn't quite as accurate but i used the 6480's seat to get the armrest it turned out quite well but i'd still like to put some bigger tyres on it

yours looks good on the claas tyres

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