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Good day...

Mid-life crisis is hitting...can neither afford, nor fit into a sportscar, so I have developed a plan. I am collegting 1/16 scale models of equipment used on our farm in South Carolina.

So far, I have experienced pretty good luck. However, three toys are elusive:

315 Internaitional Combine

Model 66 International 4-row planter

JI Case 630

Any information on where these models may be for sale is greatly appreciated.

Take care...

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hello tom. i dont know where you can get these models, but as they are in 1/16 and you are in the you.s.a i would have thought you will be able to find them in your own back yard. this message from me is just to say 'hello' really, and welcome to the forum. someone will point you in the right direction on here soon i can promise you. rgds, chris.

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Ertlerik may well be the man to ask, he has a lot of knowledge when it comes to 1/16th and the American collecting scene..... He is also a great bloke too!

Welcome aboard FTF, hope the elusive models appear in your collection soon enough. Can we see aome pics so far? :)

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welcome to the forum. Being a European 1:16 collector, i can say you wont be finding those models on this side of that big puddle they call an ocean.. ;)

I only know of a few contacts in America that might be able to help you further on your hunt for those rare items.

- Jeff Flaherty of www.jsfarmtoys.com - his site is never up to date, so best mail or call him

- www.redwagonantiques.com - deals in the rare older farm toys of the 50-70's

- Kate Bossen of www.bossenimp.com - one of the bigger dealers with a lot of connections!

other options are of course ebay, but judging the rarity of the models, you would be needing to be patient before one turns up.. and maybe a better option are auctionhouses that have specialised in farm toys (girardauctions and aumannauctions are really good and have 1 or 2 auctions every month of mostly rare stuff!

hope that helps!

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Sounds to me like you need to go out and find a good custom builder, specialy the combine will be a high dollar item when you can find a builder.

I made this picture at the Dyersville toyshow, that would be a good place for you to go.


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