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Cereals 2012


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Sadly didn't take any photos

Bumped into the Massey loving Gav there, not sure if he took again

Show was much quieter than normal, gave me a chance to sit in all the Blue cabs ;)

i didnt go this year, but the gaffer went, and he said it was quiet. this is due to the appaling weather this spring/summer this year, and people are behind with spraying and hay/sillage work i think. i didnt go,as i get a bit bored of looking at vertually same bigger and bigger kit on display every year, so i try to go every 3 or 4 years. i much prefer the local county and dealer shows, where you can talk to people the farm actually deal with.
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Me and Andy went down, didn't get a single photo. It's a good show but all the kit there was at Lamma. As chris says, our local show is much better because all the dealers are there, so the MF men can try to convince us to buy a fergie

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