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Agrium Models Scratch Built Models

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Please give me feedback on my current models and any suggestions for future models.

Buckrakebuckrakeproto2.jpg Prototype

Pasture Topperpasture1.jpgCurrently being Cast

Bale Squeeze squeeze2a.jpg[glow=red,2,300]NOW AVAILABLE ?15.95[/glow]

Front Press press1a.jpg[glow=red,2,300]NOW AVAILABLE ?33.50[/glow]

I want to offer collectors something different to britains / siku models but still fit those tractors and the same scale.

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The tines are not the finished article.  Please....I wont be selling the real thing like that.  It is just a prototype for the general idea and to make sure the push off part actually works  (which it does) ;)

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Yes thats right I opted for the A-frame adaptor on the machine like on the front press but it will fit on the rear linkages if you use the adaptor and it still keeps it close to the tractor for realism.

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nfortunatley not no, thats a little far for me from Lancashire I will be at Spalding and Toytrac in wiltshire later in the year.

I try to use the website as much as possible for shows I cant attend, ?I appreciate its nice to see the model in the flesh. ?And you get to take them home rather thatn posted.

Please see ? www.agrium-models.com

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