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A Few Guidelines for the section!


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It's great that Bill has volunteered himself to answer our questions and queries so lets make it as simple as possible please when posting your suggestions!

Ways to do this are:

For every suggestion you have, please post each one in a new topic. That way it makes it easier for bill to reply to them.

If you do have dozens of suggestions for Bill, please post in moderation. I.E remember that he has limited time on his hands so dont post 20 topics at once, give other people a chance to ask questions!

Finally, please stay on topic!! If you have something to add to a suggestion, please do, but keep to the initial subject.

Hopefully this will keep us up to date with all the latest developments in the Ertl and Britains Farm depts!




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I appreciate all the suggestions you send my way, but honestly, about every single tractor or piece of equipment has been requested several times. In fact, I'm trying to think of something that hasn't been requested.

If you truly have a question for me concerning product or why we do things a certain way, please feel free to ask. If all you want to do is suggest we produce a certain item, then you might not see a response from me to your message.



Just thought I would post this, it's a quote from Bill from the TTT site, just before things get crazy and to save him from posting it :)

Cheers for any info you can give us though Bill !!!!!

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Another point worth remembering is that ERTL have to announce new models to the OEM's dealers first. Bill can't tell us in advance what is coming as it would breach his licencing contracts.


Bill has a track record of letting us know what is coming as soon as he possibly can - and in the recent past he has provided pictures of pre-production models on his desk the minute he was free to do so.

End Game: Bill will give us a heads up on new models as soon as he possibly can. Repeated questioning on what is or might be coming won't achieve anything .

Be patient, and trust that he will let us know what is coming as soon as it is legally possible for him to do so.

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Although Bill is involved with some 1.32 models and is responsible for distributing them into the US, it is in fact the UK Britains office that now is responsible for all new 1/32 model development.

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A bit more stern time guys,

Please all remember that if you want to ask about 1/32 european type models, please remember that Bill Walters does not deal with these.....so although this sounds harsh.......Don't ask him! :)

The same with suggestions/requests for persefic items - like Bill has said on TTTs, there is probably not an item that someone, somewhere does not want made and be aware that companines such as RC2 have contact with the OEMs - they know whats out there as well. And even if you're suggestion was produced, you will not get a response on the forum saying "yes, ok"

So if you think you have a really good idea for a piece of 1/32 euro farming equipment, your best course of action (ok, its a bit more effort) is to write a letter to Britains in the UK fully explaining why you think it would sell well.

But by all means ask questions of models that Mr Walters may have been in contact with, how the industry works (within reason) etc.

Hope this isn't taken the wrong way

:) :)

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