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Wiking JOHN DEERE 6215R convo

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Ive had my eye on this conversion for over a year, I was just waiting to see if Wiking would facelift the 6210R and they haven't.  Then I was hoping that either siku or Britains would bring out a £20 version I could cannibalise, but they haven't, although I was confident the long awaited  6195M could be used as a donor.  But that's been delayed until this autumn, so I decided to sell a load of old MF and JD spare parts and raise some cash and buy ERTLs expensive 6215R prestige version (£41 inc p+p)..............quite what was prestige about it I didn't discover:rolleyes:   as I dismantled it.   And why Britains didn't release a version of it 2 years ago is also a complete mystery!!

Basically it was just a case of removing the ERTL versions exhaust stack and planting on the Wiking model...................although not quite as easy as that I found.   Two remove the stack you have to split the tractor in half and that means removing everything else first and seeing as the rear wheels refused to pull apart whatever force I used that turned into a tough slow job>:(

In the meantime I decided that rather than buy another Wiking 6210R, I would just upgrade my existing one.  I had already done lots of work on it in a previous convo.  It has got the folding front links off of the 6125R loadall version and the improved headlamps from the same donor. Plus a pair of roof aerials and smart 650/85 rear tyres off the Britains 6210R.

So all it needed was too remove the exhaust stack from the 6210 ,cut off 5mm above its base.  Then cut down the 6215R exhaust having worked out exactly the best point. having done that, drill out a big hole in the bulbous part of the stack and then fit this over the "stump" on the 6210Rs old stack.  Once happy with it, glue it in position and "et voila";D ....................I forgot to mention that it was necessary to remove the bottom oval light on the models triple light stack in order to let the new exhaust fit.  And I notice this is also the case on real size 6R Deeres with the bigger exhaust stacks.

First pics below






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More pictures of the 6215R when I had pieced it together:).....................I modified the weight block (removed from a 6125) to enable its fitting on the 6215R.

Henri Walker provided the 6215R stickers which are decent, but I would prefer waterslide versions but don't have a clue who would provide them.

I made up a little add blue cap and fitted into the side tank, not authentic but good enough.

Anyway all done and pretty pleased with it.








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On 9/11/2018 at 3:20 PM, CX820Joe said:

Is the exhaust the only difference between 6215 and 6210?  I was thinking of altering a Siku 6210 to a 6215 but not going to buy an Ertl model just for that.  I don't suppose anyone makes one as a spare?

The exhaust and the ad blue tanks are the main differences and I make castings of the ad blue exhausts

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1 hour ago, bluegreen said:

I layed everything out at the top of the thread Joe.

Sorry Phil I'd read that you'd used the ertl exhaust...reply was to Hugh regarding the exhaust casting...as I wouldn't be wanting to shell out for a model just to rob it's exhaust really.

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