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Brians Xerion 4000 conversion

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might not be in correct section yet my newly acquired saddle trac needs some love, so going to make a sprayer body for it :)

all help and suggestions will be appreciated :)

Base model from Wiese and thinking of using the implement from a Siku tanker and detail it up, also tanker can be used for supply :) 

Had a play with an old Britain's sprayer and a bottle of thinners to test the look :)








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The only advice I can give is just don't be afraid to go for it Brian! I seem to find from my own experience that, especially during the Summer months, I rarely get time to even pick up a model up to work on! Once the dark nights draw in then I slowly start to get back into them, and at first my abilities seem very rusty but the more I do the easier I start to find it again. Practice makes perfect, and I find that to be true, the more you do, the better you get. And if the worst happens and something goes wrong, (which it often will!), you can always start again, after all they're just models, not patients on an operating table!:D

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