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I see that HLT sell after market 3 point linkage for tractors  , As someone who is not keen on standard equipment on the likes of Britains I fancy a go at  some major spanner work , 

I presume its back wheels off , cab off , cut back end off tractor and glue new bit back on making sure of enough room for the cab to be refitted .


sounds easy but ,,,,,,,,,,,,,am I being a muppet to consider this 

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23 minutes ago, SPN said:

Have you seem farmmodels.net on facebook Mark?

He has been chopping models and putting on realistic 3 point linkages for about 25 years now.

Artisan32 have a big range of front and rear linkages at https://www.artisan32.com/en/102-2-relevements

Oh, and we don't have muppets around here.

Numpties, however, is a different matter 😄

I remember getting a numpty of the day award way back when…I was so proud 😂

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2 hours ago, Idle Git said:

you evade the question tho James 


am I a muppet ??????

No no Mark quite the opposite,I would say inquisitive keen amateur, and the oldtimers on here refer to me as Joe, My PC went A over T a while back and I couldn't get logged back in, But I could log in through Facebook,hence my "new" name James ( Joe ) Dewar.



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I've got a nice Puma 240  and I wondered if it will be the first culprit for a hatchet job , whilst wondering how the wheels come off the wing mirror decided to attach itself 


I would like to nominate myself for numpty of the day 


Ps how do the wheels come off🤔

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