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This probably has to be the geekiest question yet asked (and got you wondering why collectors seem so obsessed with wheels/tyres/axles  :))  but once it came into my head, I had to ask it....are the axles, such as those on the 1/32 N.H 8670 etc from an outside supplier as they just so happen to be the same as many siku realeases? sad i know, but what can you do  :)

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We don't use outside suppliers from a tooling standpoint.  We do all of our own tooling, so we wouldn't be buying parts from Siku or anyone else.  There are numerous companies that use our tooling as reference for their tooling.  It's much easier to copy our tooling than to go out and actually measure a real tractor.  I'm not saying that Siku is doing this, but I know several companies in the US that do this.


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Thanks Bill, I was refering to the actual axle rods themseleves and the 2 circular washer type things (do they have a correct name) that go on the end to hold the wheels on (not as per real tractor) .I just thought that because they were not cast or really diecast model specific you might out-source, but in a way its good that its all in house.

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