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scratch building(advice)




I'm looking to do a bit of scratch building using white/black plastic(pvc?) you find in the modelshops.problem is they seem to recommend you use ordinary polystyrene glue which takes ages to set.has anyone used superglue on this sort of plastic ,and does it melt it /damage it ,i would normally just plough in but want to get it right first time with these(looking to make some general purpose trailers,low sided ones with drop sides,and a muck grab/silage grab for my frontloaders)any help appreciated


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Use Plasticweld - but prctice first.? Available under the counter at good model shops (To stop the glue sniffers)

I don't profess to be an expert, but I only like to do things once, so I try and use the most effective methods! I would say the same, superglue will not bond the pieces together as well as plastic weld, plasticweld will fuse the plastic together like when you weld metal together, where as superglue will only stick the items together like cement between bricks, poly has quite a smooth surface and so will not provide a good key for the glue to bond to. Like tellarian says, its a good idea to practice with a few scrap bits or on something simple to start with until you get used to the "pro's and con's". Nothing could be worse than spending the best part of a month's spare time on a model to mess up on the last part!!

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hi guys heres my first atempt,not finished yet needs tow eye and a ram,does anyone know where i can get one or if one made of pvc pipe is possable,on the glue front a guy in the model shop after telling me they were sold out,suggested quietly that i use pvc drainage glue (stuff you use for bath/kitchen wastes) as it drips quicker and is cheaper for the amount you buy(tell your missis you can't finish the diy now) seems to work really well

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