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New Brushwood buildings


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well having seen one of those recently, and having one of grahams i know which i would by, grahams, over all for the price i think his are better ,

I would have to agree with you Sean, although I haven't seen either in the flesh. Graham are cheaper and don't look as chunky.

I'd like to know why they are so dear? Is wood really that expensive over there?

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Hmmm I have to say if I had to make a choice between Graham's and the Brush wood sheds I go for Graham's sheds. Graham has better scale in his sheds and he uses the space more realisticly. Those Brushwood sheds are ok but Graham puts more time and detail in so it has to be Graham.

P.S Graham you can send the 20quid to................. :D

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I don't get the logic behind these. As Toys they are built very well and in a kids eyes resemble 'Dad's' farm brilliantly .... ... But they are priced like top notch models.

Looking at the other way they are priced like top notch models but look a little Duplo like. ..  ??? ??? ??? ???

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Had a look on their website and they are making a cattle crush and a feed silo with metal legs ( no pics of said items though) :(

These may be alittle better then, the crush maybe good. .. ... .. I am waiting to see one actually from the bloke who is doing my feed barriers etc. Going to be some time though.  :(

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