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cheap walhuosemusus harvester convo thingy ma jiggy

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Doesn't look bad at all mate......What did you use for the conveyor from machine to trailer?

Could make a de-stoner from one as well do you think?

:) :) ;)

[/quote once the bulker was removes mart i cut the belt in half , then electrical conduit was glued to the smaller picking table & then the belt was cut & glued to it .as for a destoner ? thet wouldn't be a problem mart ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,instead of having an unload elevator you just attatch a webb accross the rear of the machine , now i've gotten this far , i have the siku walrus so this cheapy may well be converted into a destoner

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That looks realy good. Now i know what to do with the one i have in the draw. I love the crop you have are they seasonal crop or do they just grow all year round? ::)

are you daft ? they are toys , fields are bits of carpet tiles & doormats & the 'crop' comes from a packet

deere oh deere  ::) you need to get out more  :D :D :D :D

you just wait till i'm sugar puff harvesting , as i got a contract with the honey monster  ;)

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Im thinking the paint fuems are starting to hit me from sanding this model up. i love how it looks so realistic (well the floor any way) with teh carpet and door mats. clever thinking. that might be the better bet to do my pics. But i like having a play in the dirt with mine.

Prehaps you are right i do need to get out more ::) ::)

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thanks chaps , just finding the time to do these things now really !

didn't take long sean ? long enough mate ! :D :D :D

was thinking of doing something similar to the red version i have Marcus but maybe spraying a green as well similar to standen :-\ :-\

then getting FP to make me a standen topper ;D::)

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