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My model room


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I recently cleaned out my closet, and dedicated the room for models. It is nowhere near finished, I hope to get some proper lighting for all of the shelves in 2007, and a few more shelves for the front wall. Apologies for the poor lighting in these pictures. Here is what it looks like so far:

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You've got quite the collection there Tim.

Surprised to see the turkeys though.........would have thought they'd have been eaten on Thursday  :D :D :D :D

Not even half way done mate!!  :D :D :D

The Turkeys will be raised for Christmas if I do some form of farm journal with this setup, I will be making a netted enclosement for them next weekend .  :)

Some more.... :)

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Last two until next time

The second picture is not a model. My relatives brought this carved bird back from their trip to NZ last spring. I put it up on the shelf for safe keeping.  :)

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WOW Tim all scales as well very nice. Thanks for the animal pics :)  I spotted some trains there too, another hobby ?

The trains are a small hobby of mine. I collect the train ornament that Hallmark makes each year for Christmas to go into my collection. The only one I am missing so far is #1 from 1997. Cheers!  :)

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blimey you have some kit there mate, very nice colection

Cheers sean!  :)

:o :o :o Crikey Tim... I didn't realise you had so many models mate... what a cracking selection you have as well mate.... I see you are in to plant quite heavily as well... VERY NICE  ;D

Cheers Mark!  :)


Are all the 1;50 scale construction models made by ertl??

:D :D :D :D :D

All but one of the 1:50 models are made br Ertl. The Caterpillar 420D IT backhoe is made by Norscott. 

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