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Hackett 16ft Mounted Chain Harrows

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  Over the last couple of days, I have been having a go at my first ever scratch-built model. Thinking that this would be an easy item to start with, so I have had a go at making some chain harrows, as I hadn't seen any model versions available anywhere, however has proven to be quite a challenge in some areas, with fiddly detail. It is made totally from brass and soldered where and when possible. Thought that I?d post some pictures whilst waiting for the araldite to dry. Please have a look and feel free to comment on it; bearing in mind it is still very much a prototype and a working progress at that.  :)

Firstly the chains.  ;)


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are you meant to have the frame in the air on the real 1s and only the chain on the ground :-\

Well I'm not sure. I'm guessing that as on a trailed set, the bar will float and then the chains will 'drag' along the ground. Either that, or that is as low as the link arms will drop on the tractor.  ;)

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Very nice Will, just what every farm needs. Going to make a line of them then?  ;):)

I am seriously concidering it, so it will at least pay for itself as the tube wasn't that cheap and the investment in a mitre saw.  :-\ Also the hours that its taken up, however if they were made in batches the time would be cut at a guess.  :) What sort of money would they be worth?  ???

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