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All my 1/32 collection on display.......finally.

the other green

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After having models in boxes around the house for a year or so, I've finally managed to get some extra shelves up and have all my 1/32 stuff out along with Mrs TOG's car collection. I snapped a few pictures off for insurance this afternoon so I thought "why not post 'em on FTF".

Here they are. Pretty mundane, no convos or anything, feel free to ask questions or poke fun  ;)

First up is just a panorama of one side of the room.



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What dya mean mundane man?!!!

That collection of 1/32 Precisions mate, you know the three. ... the Dearest of Deere-ests "wants" is fantastic!!!!! I have the T, just need the 30 somewhen soon and to continue hunting for a much sought asfter 8400.

Oooooh ya fancey booger TOG!!!

Great collection aswell as these three though.  :)

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Thanks for the kind comments lads.

I heartily recommend getting your models out on display if you have the space. They're nice to look at ( ::) of course) but it's also a feel-good thing, makes you feel like you're not just spending money!

I also found out that I already had one or two models that were on my "to buy" list so it keeps me up to date on what I have.

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