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Spraying & Spreading fun competition


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not had anything for a while so as we are all in a rut, lets go!!!

Again this is just a bit of fun!!


1. Each person is allowed a maximum of 2 enties as this is a topic for all era's, each entry can contain a maximum of 8 photos. Please can you title the approximate era in the subject. If we get a flood of diiferent years we may split the topic

2. The pictures can show any part of the Spraying and fertilizing process, including dung spreading.

3. Try to keep it realistic. ;)

4. It is ok to use older machinery with newer machinery as it still happens today :)

5. A seperate section will be made "in this board" to allow people to comment on the entries but any OT posts under this title, other then the entries will be deleted.

6. When submitting an entry you should first try and indicate how many acres your outfit Farms (Sprays and fertilizes) and try to match the machinery used with the workload......... KEEP IT AS REALISTIC AS POSSIBLE ;)

7. Once all the entries have been received, a poll will be created in each section where each member will have a vote (total vote number to be confirmed depending on entries)

8. Competition will run until March 31st

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In these pictures set in the spring of 2006, employees at Cider Hill Farms are working to finish spreading their 200 acre field. An IH 5288 makes a good match for the IH spreader to get the task at hand done on time.


Loading up the spreader:



Spreading the field:




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My first entry for this competition is my dung spreading fleet...... :)

Each year we hire in two spreaders the big Samson SP12/16 and the smaller Massey Ferguson machine......We cover around 200-260 acres of our land with the spreaders, spreading chicken manure which has been transported to the fields by our large tipping trailers from a local chicken farm......

The CAT TH62 is an Agricultural Specification machine but usually spends time at the farmer's other business, a local scrap yard......

The TS135-A was bought new in 2005 and the TM140 was bought new in 2002 and will probably be replaced soon......

1) Getting Ready for the off...... :);)


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Here at the Back of Beyond on Fen End Farm weve had a really mild winter and the wheat we drilled last october on last years potatoe land has been growing like billyho all winter.So we have decided this year to spray it to slow the growth a little or were genna have straw 4 foot long



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Here on Warren Farm we have to spray the stubble after corn harvest for weed control as the farm lays rather wet. The whole opperation has to be carried out in a short period of time and a large sprayer unit is required as 1400 acres have to be covered.

The unit is also contracted out to other farms for grassland and other large areas that need a larger capacity unit for speedy coverage.




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Here's a few pics of slurry spreading in progress. The estate is 657 acres, mainly concentrating on dairy and beef with 200 cows and a 40 cow suckler herd finishing 80bullocks. So lots of slurry! Uisng an abbey tanker drawn by a Fendt 920. Slurry is ferried to a Joskin Quandra drawn by a Fendt 926.

Mod:- Garret are we getting pics?  :D;) ;)

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It's late 60s the farm has to main tractors a Fordson Super Major and a Ford Super Major 5000. The Ford 5000 is hauling a FYM spreader and a neighbour is helping out with his new MF135 with a front loader. The farm is milking a mix of British Fresian and Shorthorn cows. The yard built in the 40s is only 20 years in use and still in good condition.



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