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Photographing Board


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Have often thought that a small made up display-board for good photographs all year round. Originally didn't know where to start, as I can't paint and don't have much artistic talent, so when JDC posted a link to download Posteriza software.....


and the actual site.....


From there I bought some 4mm MDF, and cut it up with the circular saw last night, and then with some strip, I added some strength to the base, by framing the perimeter.....


(Also giving it some depth......)


From there, I then cut a bit of astro-turf, a lot bigger than what was needed, so that it overlaps, so that I could get it as tight as possible, cutting out a square on each corner, so the sides folded in nicely and then cut away all of the waste overlaps, just so it looks a bit tidyer.......



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From there, I then marked out my fence lines, and drilled out a 6mm hole all the way through, at 10mm intervals. From there I then knocked in pre-cut fencing stakes of 6mm diametre dowel, snuggly into the drilled holes, so there was no need to glue. I then made two struts onto my corner strainer, and nailed them on with small tacks. I then drilled two 1.5mm holes into each stake, and fed through gardening wire, which I had all ready stripped of the plastic coating, so that it was in the original state, pulling it tight, tying back on it's self on the end stakes....... :)



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I then had to chose my picture, (off Google in the end), and messed about with it on that software. Then printed it off onto ten A4 sheets, cut off the margins and stuck it onto the backboards, which were then screwed onto the base, and tacked to eachover as a 'T'. Then that's it done and I hope that's easy enough to follow for anyone who wants to make one. A few more pictures.......







Well that's it. Nice easy thing to make and I'm pleased with the final result. Please let me know what you think.  :)

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will that come out well. ;)

what paper did you use the normal type or photographic ???

Normal. I think I may have got away with it aswell, as it is a fairly dull picture anyway.... ;)

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thanks think i my have ago if you dont mind me nicking ur idea  ::)

and i no where to get a perfect picture  ;)

No I don't mind....that's why I did it as a step-by-step thread, though I forgot to take photos of most of the stages and because I didn't know how it would turn out. ;)

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That does work quite well

I've never tried this myself, but maybe a curved back would work slightly better as the original image remains truer?

Yes I thought that as I did it. I might try a semi-circular base next time, bendind a bckground to fit.  ;)

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Cracking job there Will, will be great for photographing individual items or setting up mini scenes  :)

Yes that's why I tried it.....will find out if it works soon enough, but will have to use a camera rather than my phone, as the quality isn't great. ;)

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FW, don't want to be critical mate but your corner post struts for the fence need to be a bit higher, just under the top strand of wire and notched into the upright and put in the 'ground' halfway to the adjacent post. Went to college years ago to learn that! You've given everyone big ideas now.  ;D

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