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John Deere 3050

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Yes they are. I think I might remove the front mud guards, as the one I drove did not have any. What do you folks think?

They don't look quite right shape for a Deere do they, might look better without as you say :-\

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Wow!!! Grae it is a shame you have sold so many, a group line up of your 3/4 series conversions would be fantastic. This little beaut just keeps all the detail and work you have pu in to the rest of them mate. Wish I could afford one  :(:) :)

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Looks realy nice graeme but the guards are a little long, could try cutting them at the center of the hub?

not sure you could do that mate, those uh ones are mounted from the very front top, so if you cut them back you couldnbt mount them???? not something i have seen on may jd's down this way front mudguards so i would go with off, will finish of another superb model by grahame

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nice work as always greame , but it looks quite short ? 2850 maybe ?

2850`s that I do are a lot shorter than that. This is the same length as the 3140 and 3350 model. Cab has been straightened at the rear and back mudguards shortened so that will give it a slightly shorter look ;)

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