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MF 3070 - On Floats


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Found this tonight when I took MGU to Beavers.

Tried to get a closer picture but was met by a vicious farm dog!

MF 3070 on floatations - I think they need them with the amount of rain we have had!! :D


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:o What a beauty Kev... Imagine trying to get that through a gateway  :o

Can you take a bonio next time please so you can get inside the cab  :D :D :D

I bet you could be run over by that and not even get a bruise...

Silly question coming up....

I wonder if you could get that stuck in the mud under ANY conditions  ???

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actually  floats are prety cr@p in real muddy fields

when i was on umbilical cord we had a ford 8210  4wd on terras that big

and there was a bloke  stuck in a field on one job we went too with his isuzu  pickup

asked us to go over with the tractor and pull him out i thought it would  be easy with theese big tires in a wet field  wrong wouldnt even budge him just sat and spun

i guess must have took the weight of the tractor on too  too big an area and not enough weight for traction


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