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Massey Ferguson RED AND GREY



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Apart from the obvious what other red's AND grey's are a good match for Massey Ferguson models?

On real machines the newer one's seem to have an orangier red than the old one's, is this true or Is it just me?

Glad you asked because I wanted to ask this as well.

In particular good matches for a 590/595 and a 135  :)

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I think that all Masseys are the same red... MF super Red.... Any pillar box red paint... Plasticote red... or as Sean says.. get the real thing... it's cheaper... and it's good paint...

If you go to the dealers they will have a colour book detailing every model range and the colours used... BEWARE that French manufactured machines generally were a different base colour (silver in the case of 100 series models)...

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I've noticed with MF red (AFAIK it has always been the same - the silver mist varies)that the primer can cause a variation too - grey is worst making it dark, white is OK but red is (I suppose obviously) best.  :)

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Most dealers now stock aerosol paint cans for 'touch-up' and can be obtained from stockists of Vapormatic and Sparex parts. I have a direct trade account for these firms and if anyone wants cans of paint pm me. I will look up the price for them and post here if that might help, better if I get a quantity of cans, probably will be able to to get say a dozen of various colours. Look at the Vap site and it gives the correct name/colour such as, for Ferguson, silver mist, Stonleigh grey etc etc.

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