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Ford 9030 with Knight Trailed Sprayer......


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They certainly can have front linkages attached to the front Rob but I think putting the sprayer on the front would probably be more awkward surely...... :-\ :-\ :);)

just what i was thinking nh2, would hate to try and steer that sprayer if it was on the front ???

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have the tractor running the other way, so that the cab was at the front :D

Ah got you now mate...... :D;)

Even then I think it would be easier doing it this way because as it is the view he's getting of the sprayer is the panoramic one given from the rear window and if he operated it the other way around he'd be getting a poorer view from what is (in the pictures) the front window...... :);)

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Saw a lot of them in the States with loaders on the front back front back front back one end or the other. ..  :D Popular with the smaller beef yards.

I do remember seeing that in the CT article on them ages back that they are quite popular as Loader tractors over there......Did you see many of the Versatile colour variants as opposed to the Ford ones mate?  :) :) :);)

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Interesting Mart, never seen one over here before.. ;)

She's a rarity over here alright John......The lad imported her over a few years back......She's running around on an N Reg Plate......She's also featured in a back issue of CT the date of which I mentioned in another topic a wee while back...... :) :) :);)

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