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Plastruct Question from newbie



As many of you might know, i'm brand new to the 1/32 scene, and hadn't even heard of "plastruct"!......before joining this forum

At the moment i'm waiting on delivery of my first tractor, but would like to get in on the "scratchbuild" scene

My question is, what size box/whatever section would I need to order for the chassis of , say a 10/12 ton trailer?

I read the lists of various sizes of plastruct, but I find it hard to visualise the actual size, as have nothing in 1/32 to compare it with!

Any help with what size's and what sections for different builds.........basically so i can go ahead and order my first batch

Thankee kindly......Will

(Active farmer........on account of me 'lotment  ;))

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I used to buy from www.ema-models.com but for the reason you said about visualising what you are buying I prefer to buy in one or two of the model shops around me that stock it. (Bath and Salisbury). EMA do offer free postage on orders over ?12 though and it is damn easy to rack up up ?30 orders!! (minimum)  :o

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I sometimes buy mine in the local shop but they never tend to keep much in stock so once I know roughly what the sizes are I put in an order from EMA, tends to work out cheaper as well if you are going to use a quantity of it ;)

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