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Another one for the row-crop fans: Onion Harvest small/medium size style

Richard de Florennes

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Nice pictures...... :)

Is that an old International or Renault on the topper?  :-\ :);)

Looks like an International Mate, Sascha will confirm  :)

Very nice pictures mate, Onions are one of my favourite crops. Keep them coming please  :);)

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Mind you again these are tulips not onions  ;)

Thanks for the information; now I remember have seen the same field in bloom some months ago; nevertheless and in spite of the strange look of the crop, I gave my wife some of these "onions" (I was convinced it were any rare kind of special onions and even the farmers used the term "onion harvest" as both "onions" and "tulip roots" have the same word here in Germany: Zwiebel) for use in the kitchen, but she refused to use them for the dinner due to the strange taste  :P

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