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With the scatter I have pasted glue down over the surface and then pressed the scatter into it. Left it for a day and then tipped it upside down to collect the loose stuff. Not always a good covering though. With my dutch barn, photo's yet to be posted, I used a large tub and tipped in the scatter then mixed in water and pva untill it started binding. chucked it down on the board, levelled it out by hand and then tamped it with a ruler.

Gordon Ramsey -


:D :D

Shed is looking nice already and good on you for having a go.

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nice barn mate, so whats next then?

Thanks for all your comments next up will be a big grainstore no animals round here. Would anyone on here be able to give me rough dimensions of a big grainstore either in 1/32 or 1/1 scale please. Also i have made a small bale shed which is awaiting concreteing its mainly small as all our bales are sold straight from the field

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