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A Dorset countyside panorama

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Excellent pictures before i make myself look a fool with a guess, really really good pictures  :)

Not being a dorsetman myself but been there enough i would say those hills near Prince Charles toytown kind of between Dorchester and Bridport, renowned for UFO sitings. It was familiar so i gave it a crack  :-\

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havent got a clue, but some lovely pics. some good cows there

mmmmmm unless i'm mistaken, the answer has been given above :D :D :D :D - Win Green looking back towards Zig Zag hill & Shaftesbury ;) ;)

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Guest Powerdozer

They were doing the road surface a few weeks back when i was enroute to sixpenny handley on the way home i had the joy of following the bitumen tanker and the rest of the gang.

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