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piggery all completed(almost)

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well guys after a total of 40 odd hrs work here's the virtually completed unit,just got to colour wash the wall,which i'm going to do when the rest of the other buildings are done i want.and fix the feed tower in place+fit the internal/external feed  piping,not sure whats going on the borad next to this yet so thought it best to wait and plan it a bit rather than rush


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I guess it's ok ..........

I think it should be sent to me for closer evaluation  :D :D :D :D :D

what along with a MIB 77 per chance?

WOW TM810 what a difference extra leg struts & silver paint does  well worth the time put in , am very envious ! :)

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just wiped the keyboard again!  :D :D :D

Now all toy/model manufactures take note at how good that is!!....i cant wait to see the rest of the farm!!! ;D ;D ;D

reminds me i need to get ordering those blocks!!

did you say he has roof plans in there as well Sean ??? ???

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