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Deutz white limited


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can see your point TM810, but there are so many "limited Deutz"  would be nice to see a different limited make of tractor from them

there are way to many lilited about thats true but i only buy what i ilkie the lok of now, aint made of money after all, a white one does sound different and nice, i must say, but untill i see pics i wont commit

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ah it depends really, i have a ttv the bayern and the yellow one ,but only 1 k 100, so i want two of each,

Same mate got the Bayern and rape thought about doing them all but haven't got the cash.. if say this is another ?40 then i would be looking at ?120 to complete the set  :( Money i just don't have.

This is getting ridiculous now this limited edition frenzy  :-\

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looks like they've added an extra beacon to that as well.  Hopefully the smaller beacons cos the ones that came with the first k100 were to big in my opinion.

Perhaps if manfred weise is going to start doing his own range then perhaps he'll stop flooding the market with a lot of silly ltd editions.

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