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Some pics of my machinery


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I've taken these pictures over the course of the summer. Don't know if anyone's interested

First up MTX135 and Kuhn Fert Spreader in the spring


MTX135 and 4 furrow reversible plough


MTX135 and Disco mower cutting silage


A couple of baling pictures featuring JD6820, MTX135 and the two new Claas 365 Variant balers



A couple of bale wrapping pictures



And finally JCB 535-60, MTX 135 and one of our Bunning 9 tonne rear discharge muckspreader


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What is the MTX like with the loader and what other tractor's do you have mate ???

We have the MTX135 and a JD6820. To be honest the MTX isn't a great loader tractor but it doesn't do a great deal of loader work, just leading straw and silage bales. Previously I had an MC115, which is a far better loader tractor but lacked power for the 9 tonne Bunning muckspreader and mowing grass on some hilly ground. We have a JCB 535-60 which does the vast majority of our loading jobs and is much more nimble around the cattle sheds

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Great pictures indeed.

What do you think of the Claas 365 balers? What did you trade in?

Sure looks like you look after your stuff.

Very happy with the way the two Variant 365's have gone this season. One has done 14000 bales and not had a break down of any sort while the other has just had a burst oil pipe and a bolt sheared off in the end of the pick-up auger. Traded a Variant 260 and JD 592 in for them, decided to go for the two Claases after demoing a Welger 435 and a New Holland at the end of last season, not very impressed with either!

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