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MODEL OF THE MOMENT... A collection of MF165's ~ and the real deal

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Ok Ladies and Gents... I thought it was about time I posted another Model of the Moment for you all... so here goes...

As with all MOM's we'll look at the model first and the "real deal" later  ;)

Firstly... the treo all together....

The Massey 165 range I currently have in my collection (apart from a superb convo by Steve)...



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This model comes with "real engine noise" ... which is a knurled front axle arrangement that's supposed to make "real engine noise" when the wheels are operational...

This model was made in various formats including a loader tractor and a mounted circular saw version... they all seem to make good money these days as well  :-\

Rear detail is as limited as the Matchbox really... I would guess this model is mid to late 60's  ???


Sorry about some of the pic quality... I'm still learning my new camera  :-[

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Just look at the level of detail Martyn has achieved on this model... remember it's 1:32 ... not a 1:16 piece  :o


This model must be based upon the "red giants" launch tractor of 1964 as she's sporting red wheels (marcus look away now) ...

I have to say I think this model is superb... and I'm not on commision... but if you get to Spalding... have a word with Martyn on the day... if he's not got one of two with him I'm sure he'll take an order for one.

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OK... so you've seen the models... lets take a look at the real thing....

Following on from the hugely successful MF65 (mk I and mk II)... in 1964 Masseys introduced the MF165 as it's predecessor - it was part of the new 100 series UK release together with the little MF130, the MF135 and the MF175.

I've got two price lists from the Massey 165 eara... just look at how much a tractor like this would cost you in the "good old days"  :o - I was born in 1967  :o - Ohhhhh yes I was  >:(:D :D


Then a few years later... well... 3 to be precise


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Now for the brochure.... I've got quite a few brochures on the 165... it was a truly "global" tractor in it's time... It was a huge hit in the UK and popular in America and Australia as well... to this day there are numerous UK based companies restoring tired 100 series tractors and exporting them to 3rd world countries...

Here's a two pager... I think it was the last brochure MF made of the 165 for UK sales  :-\


The specs...


From, the date code that reads 1975 ... just before she was replaced by the 565 then... and soon after by the 265 as well

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The Australians called their 100 series "Long line" models...


I wont post the whole brochure... I can see you all getting restless...

But check out the "funky cabs"  :D :D


Well.. that's it I reckon... unless you want a pic of the first "red giants" brochure as well  :-\

I hope you have enjoyed this post... It took me blooming ages  :o:D :D :D

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::) ::) ::)excelent old brochures. I was 15 in 1967 and have droven some 175 and 185  in the 70? :o :o :o

Glad you like then..... They are THE tractor range for me... My new tractor has got a 165 back end... even after all this time... that shows just how advanced and durable they were in my book... cue the coments  :-\ :D :D

thanks for sharring all the info about the tractor and great models (shame about three tyres being on the wrong way round  ::) )  now I waited till you finished posting so do I get a prize  :D a yellow fergi will do  ;D

Yes you do... you get to take Ben out for an evening and buy him drinks all night  :D :D ;)
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