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Farming action near Neuss (Germany) last three days

Richard de Florennes

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You can buy them without writing; or do you also expect scratch-built models for free?  ;D

mmmm.... so I have to pay to see them without writing....let me think.... dont think I'll bother I'll just take a ride into the countryside and see the real things. 

Do I expect scratch-built models for free?....would be nice but I enjoy building them and sharring the pictures on here without having to put writing all over them  :D

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To end this topic and to avoid any conflicts about the writing on my pictures; that should be it - maybe forever (by the way, creating pictures of high quality should be appreciated the same way as creating farm implemt models  :'(, and as appreciation obviously lacks here, it is probaly the wrong place; maybe I should stick to pure Farm modell topics from now on)...

Nice you can buy modells on your own - I am not able to do this and so I have to pay for it.

By the way, what you can see in here can you also see everywhere in your own countryside without any difficulty, good luck then!


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You can buy them without writing; or do you also expect scratch-built models for free?  ;D

There are about 14,000 photos on my website which I show for free without writing :-\

And if anyone is interested in photos from mainland Europe may I suggest;

www.agrifoto.nl - Holland

www.agrartechnik-im-einsatz.de - Germany

www.schlepperonline.de - Germany

www.chefkochs-treckerbilder.de - Germany

www.veilsdorfer-landwirtschaft.de - what was East Germany, very interesting ;)

www.troisiemepoint.net - France

www.farmweb.cz - Czech republic & Slovakia

www.zemedelskefoto.net - Czech Republic

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I think the issue is everyone else posts their pictures without writing on. They were free for you to take???? You do seem to always be in the right place at the right time.

If someone sells a conversion - it costs them money to buy the parts etc. They have a great skill to produce these conversions.

I am not selling there is not a great skill in taking a good picture, but it is not the same.

Sorry if you disagree Richard. I think you should enjoy the forum for what it is and not as a marketing tool?

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I do think the photos are great and of excellent quality, and while acting against people simply stealing the photos is fine, I do feel that we should all meet a set standard if posting images on Farm Toys Forum.

i.e. please only add a watermark in the top right, top left, bottom right, or bottom left areas of the image, in a sensible font and size (Times New Roman, size 10 for example)

That way, everyone can enjoy the images.

If you suspect someone is stealing images without permission, please contact me via PM or email.

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