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Fendt's Carting Bales......


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nice pic as usual mart, i am surprised how many of the tractors have name plates on them up your way, all i see round here are bonnet decals

Cheers Sean...... :)

The majority of the larger operations around here have roof boards these days......I think they usually look pretty smart...... :)

I bet it only takes one to add a name plate before the other contractors start doing it :D

Great photos again mart, two of them seem a over exposed though...I think you should have words with you camera :D

i had a little play in photoshop, hope you don't mind :)

Thanks Rob...... :)

Don't mind at all mate......That actually looks pretty effective...... :)

I did lighten one of them up in photoshop as it was a bit darker as the trees behind me blocked a lot of the light......

Hopefully won't be too long until I can get snapping the pea viners again...... ;D;)

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nices pics mart i like the the fendt  coming over the hill  :)  when i first seen fendts i thought they were ugly but since starting on the forum i now love them and i dont know why ,i like the 818 the most  :)

is there many multi's about up your way then mart  ???

Not many Multi's I can think of mate.....Don't even know of many Merlos to be honest.....Manitou and JCB are most common around here I'd say..... :)

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ive only seen two  :-\ one in the show and i cant remember the other one

a lot of merlos around here but mainly  jcb ,manitou ,nh's, matbros

loads of farms still have matbros around here  :-\

Wish there were still some Matbro's about here.....The last TR250 I remember was at the local John Deere dealer a year back..... :-\

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