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claas axion rc

Massey Boy

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i would asume so mate, the jd and fendt aint to much cheaper than that for all the stuff it must be said

Yes but the JD and Fendt aren't radio controlled, they are controlled via infra-red.  The MAN and Axion will have a new radio control system which won't work with the Fendt and JD.  That's why I'm wondering what the price will be.

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The Axion is under Infa-red Control on farmmodels the same as the JD and Fendt.

So it must only be the new low loader thats radio.

;) ;)

If that's the case then that explains a lot.  Just looked at the farmmodels list....

For the JD and Fendt it says

6753 John Deere 6920s with Remote Unit

6754 Fendt 930 with Remote Unit

However with the Axion it says....

6760 Class Axion 850 with RC Unit due end Sep 07

Subtle difference.  The Siku catalogue is no help.  Tellerian help please........

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The Claas Axion is also IR remote like the JD and Fendt.

We already tested it, check our site www.landbouwminiaturen.info

Quick link -> www.landbouwminiaturen.info/filmaxion.html

The MAN with low loader works on the 2,4 Ghz band (sytem named Control32)


(working on a english version of the site)

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@ PDH. The systems will go down probably with price in the years. But as for the lowloader it isn't made in China. It is made in Germany. So It will be expensive because of laber. But Siku wanted to sell a lowloader without the problems they had with the first John Deeres and Fendts.

But as most of collections one has to have it and the other doesn't like it or likes it but not enough to buy it.

And wat de Axion on the picture will become...we hope it will be in Axion  ;) in Zwolle on the 17th of november (but time is the biggest problem....

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